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we grew up by the sea. countless days at the beach, night swimming and unforgettable summer memories have inspired us to create something new. we noticed a gap between fast fashion and high end brands and so licious oceanwear was born. with our products we would like to bring you closer to the feeling of permanent vacation and the lifestyle that we love.

our first collection, inspired by the signs of the zodiac, is as individual as you are. each piece is personally made for you. we put a lot of sweat and tears into building our dream and hope you love it as much as we do.


licious oceanwear was founded with the aim of being as transparent and sustainable as possible. we like to take matters into our own hands to ensure our products are made responsibly. here you can find out more about our visit to our production facility:


factory and material?
on june 6th max traveled to nis, serbia to visit our production. the local team was very welcoming and happy to show us their unique factory.
the first thing that strikes you is that the production facility is powered entirely by solar energy. in addition, only waste water is released that has previously been treated in a sewage treatment plant, so that it leaves the factory as clean technical water. as a pioneer in sustainable production in serbia, the factory holds several certificates such as gots, grs, oeko-tex (textile certificates) and iso, sa8000, smeta, bsci (certificates of international standards and social responsibility).
it was an overwhelming experience to see our ideas turned into reality and to observe the process with my own eyes. if max discovered an error, he could correct it directly. the visit gave us the chance to become even more responsible and play an active part in the production of our clothes. Getting to know the people who bring our designs to life has made us very happy.

our jewelery is made in germany, more precisely it is manufactured in the gold city of pforzheim. after our designs were specially developed, we had to choose a material that was as durable and sustainable as possible. after many tests, the choice fell on pvd-coated stainless steel, which defies sweat, sun, chlorine and salt water.


we strive to always use recycled materials whenever possible, as well as materials that are sustainably sourced to minimize our impact on the environment. we know we're not perfect when it comes to full sustainability, but we work hard every day to make that dream a reality. this trip was an important step in this direction. we are grateful for your trust and will reward it with full transparency.


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